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Hello, I'm alexis. I post videos online from time to time. This blog predominantly consists of things I enjoy. Mainly aestheticly pleasing things, comical things, things I have a fangirl affinity for, places I see and want to be, otherwise things of interest to me, and a few other things peppered in to keep it all evenly keeled.
But rarely do you ever tell people about the true depths of your loneliness, about how you feel more and more alienated from your friends each passing day and you’re not sure how to fix it. It seems like everyone is just better at living than you are.
Ryan O’Connell  (via terrible)

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Anonymous sent: How did you know you had anxiety issues?


the dead give away was probably the hundreds of full blown panic attacks

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iammuggle sent: Write 10 facts about yourself then pass this on to 10 of your amazing followers.


1. I’m moving into my first apartment soon and I’m most excited about the fact that I can burn candles and incense because they frown upon that in the dorms. But I will sorely miss the sense of community that living in dorms brings. 

2. Sometimes in an attempt to fall asleep I either think about floating around the lake cabin my grandma had on West Battle lake when I was a little girl, or the most grotesque horrific things I can try to invent with my imagination, mostly really weird textures and other worldly monsters.

3. I’m planning on going to the Sundance Film Festival this year. 

4. My DSLR is broken right now. :(

5. I have a bad case of Hypothyroidism. So I’m usually tired, sluggish, and sick. 

6. About a year ago I almost died from a caffeine overdose, but it was the best sleep I ever had afterwards. 

7. My love language is physical touch but I freak out when people get in my bubble. 

8. My dream home would be a space smart, cozy, cottage-like tree house on a three acre hobby farm next to a lake or river. 

9. At some point last Fall someone set my Firefox homepage as the ty beanie baby website and I haven’t changed it. 

10. I’m currently working as a server at a corporate chain restaurant and I’m way better at it than anyone ever thought this anxious introvert could be. And my coworkers are gems. 

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bold what you prefer.

coffee or tea

books or movies

fruits or vegetables

headphones or earbuds

laptops or pc

facebook or tumblr

netflix or tv

hardcover or paperback

tv or movies

hp or thg

light or dark

salt orpepper

starbucks or dunkin donuts

reading or writing

writing or drawing

hot or cold

talking or listening

instruments orvoice

cake or cupcakes

black or white

sunset or sunrise

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hey you kids wanna buy some drugs

basically the first interaction between humans and a snake ever

#bible jokes#yo check out this knowledge fruit#it’ll totally be the best thing ever#he wants to lead you down the path to righteousness#i’m gonna lead you down the path that rocks#snake (via vantasticmess)


this is too good





hey you kids wanna buy some drugs

basically the first interaction between humans and a snake ever

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this is too good

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I have done bad things. I can’t take them back, and they are part of who I am. Most of the time, they seem like the only thing I am.
—Veronica Roth, Insurgent (via simply-quotes)

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Sufjan Stevens

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Negative0-22-12A(1) by duringmyheyday on Flickr.


Negative0-22-12A(1) by duringmyheyday on Flickr.

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truly, my spirit animal

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If you never do anything, you never become anyone.

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I’ve never related to anything more

college in a 17 second montage

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